Cardano All Set to Reach a User base of 43 Million

Cardano has been trading secretly for many years, and all of a sudden, sneaked at the 3rd highest rank in the crypto-verse. The third-generation blockchain has been nicked as the Ethereum Killer and rapidly closing in on ETH and BTC. The ongoing African venture of Cardano and parent company IOHK is expected to create an investment flow of $5 trillion in the future. The DeFi protocol and digital wallet of Cardano are providing the users with facilities that only existed in theory before.

ADA experienced a big spike in prices when it was introduced on Coinbase Pro (GDAX) earlier this month. Under 24 hours, ADA soared 30% and achieved a new ATH of $1.88. This upsurge is many folds higher than the impact of the ADA trade operations on Binance. Today, a tweet from the official account of Coinbase has confirmed that ADA is now available on both iOS and Android mobile applications under the management of Coinbase.

Charles Hoskinson Optimistic about the New Milestone of Cardano

Charles Hoskinson has been in the news lately to campaign actively for his humanitarian and commercial proceedings in Africa. He is the founder of IOHK and Cardano protocols initiatives for Atala PRISM countries. Hoskinson plans to use the power of decentralized digital assets to empower the natives of Africa in different nations. He expressed a long-term stay and development plan in major African economies like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria for a long duration. 

The former co-founder of Ethereum blockchain has expressed his optimism about the acquisition of a huge trading platform like Coinbase for ADA. It should be noted that Coinbase hosts a user strength of 43 million in total. Hoskinson believes that this milestone is a major step forward for ADA. The vast trading reach of Coinbase would help to drive the Cardano token to whole new heights of success.

Major Cardano Updates Lined up One after Another

Thus far, not a lot of noteworthy institutions have expressed interest or commented about the presence of Cardano. However, as the 3rd biggest crypto asset in the world, it is impossible to ignore this new contender for a very long time. ADA has now officially entered a Battle Royale against major fiat currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR. 

On the other hand, news of major stakeholders converting to Cardano from Ethereum has also taken the crypto market by storm. At the moment, Cardano has a market cap of $34 billion. The addition of major updates like Mary and Daedalus could cause more traders and miners to take note of the cryptocurrency. 

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