Cardano (ADA) Registers New ATH as the Institutional Interest is Increasing

At $1.4798, ADA has not only registered a new ATH but is also ready to register a new ATH of $1.5 within 24 hours. The ATH was first recorded at the Binance exchange. After the successful implementation of the Mary update in March, ADA gained a lot of exposure into the institutional and retail markets. The Mary upgrade enabled other cryptocurrencies to be hosted on the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

The recent gains for the ADA are quite encouraging. However, the altcoin has not been able to overtake Ethereum, Binance, Dogecoin, and XRP. The 350% upsurge after the Mary update could not push the third-generation crypto farther on the crypto scale. Since last week, IOHK-the parent company of Cardano, has been getting a lot of media coverage. It seems that investors wish to know more about the partnership Cardano is forming with different African governments.

Cardano Introduces RealFi in Comparison with DeFi Crypto Model

Charles Hoskinson, the brain behind Cardano, has signed a contract with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. The secondary school system stands to benefit from a blockchain identification and enrollment program. The project would make it easy for the teachers to identify the students’ major areas of weakness and issues. IOHK pronounced his African venture as RealFi that encompasses the real-life impact of blockchain technology.

Both students and teachers would get access to the free tablets with an internet connection. They would also be able to enroll in the blockchain technical studies certification to make sure that they learn to use the digital assets to the best of their abilities. The program is being sponsored by SingularityNet, an AI firm that has been conducting experiments with humanized robots like Sophia. The partnership would focus on developing artificial intelligence and robotics projects.

Another African State Follows Suit after the Ethiopian Student’s Project Showed Signs of Potential

After one week of the Ethiopian government entering into an educational reformation partnership with Cardano, the government of Tanzania has also followed suit. Cardano has joined hands with world mobile telecommunication service providers. The sub-Saharan country of Tanzania is a place where a huge part of the population is unable to access uninterrupted internet services 24/7. 

The project would try to introduce 5G internet services to 100,000 citizens of Tanzania. At the risk of losing profits, the mobile company is willing to use the shared economic system to expand to smaller and remotely located areas. Private business entities would be able to run nodes to aid a stable internet stream. These businesses would be incentivized by WMT- a digital token issued by World Mobile Network.

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