Bybit Review – Is Bybit Scam or a Legit Crypto Exchange?

Bybit Review

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Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange that is registered in the Virgin Islands and headquartered in Singapore. This Bybit review intends to provide you with details of this trading platform from all important aspects.

This exchange is available for all traders except those who belong to the US or some specific parts of Canada. To serve its international clients in the best possible way the platform provides different language options. Currently, it is available in four different languages other than English including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Korean.

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Admirable Record

The trading platform of Bybit is a masterpiece of engineering as it holds an impressive record against its name. It can manage 100 thousand transactions every second which is much more than the ongoing industry standards. Thanks to this feature, the platform has never witnessed a system lag or overload in all these years of service. Due to this feature, more and more traders have started coming to this exchange who have not contended with the services of other exchanges.

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I am glad to inform you that this trading platform is intuitive and user-friendly. The platform presents data in the properly arranged form and you will not see information jumbled up together. From a Graphical interface point of view, the platform is a treat for the eyes. It has two modes, dark mode, and normal mode. In dark mode, the platform transforms into dark colors so that eyes don’t irritate. In the daytime, you can use the normal mode that is more appealing.

Mobile Trading App

If you are one of those persons who travel frequently then you will admire this feature. Bybit has designed a mobile app that offers pretty good features. It offers the same functions that are provided on its desktop version including charting and asset management. An additional perk of using the mobile app is that you can receive price alerts in the form of push notifications.

The app of this exchange is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you are an iPhone user then you can download it from iTunes while if you are using Android then it is also available on the Playstore.  

Bybit mobile trading app

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Customer Support Service

An important and one of the most impressive features of this exchange is its 24 hours customer support service. The customer support representatives respond immediately and do everything in their authority to help the traders. Many users and influencers agree to the point that the customer support facility of this platform is better than other available exchanges.

Traders can click the box given on the right corner of the interface to contact the customer support representatives. You can also get support by sending an email to its official email address.

Short Withdraw Time

According to researches, most of the trading platforms take three days to process withdrawal requests of the traders. This is a point where Bybit takes the lead as it processes withdrawal request three times a day.

The exchange processes withdrawals at 08 in the morning, 04 in the afternoon, and 0 in midnight. It means that if you send a request at 7 in the morning, your withdrawal will get approval in only one hour. So the maximum time required for withdrawal processing is only 8 hours and it is much lower than other trading platforms.

The withdrawal fee is also very reasonable as it charges only 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal. This fee is 40 percent lower than the average price being charged in the market.  

Bottom Line

The trading platform of Bybit has earned a good name in a very short time. The platform has never witnessed a cyber-attack and provides pretty good liquidity as well. You can trade any of the desired cryptocurrencies at this platform easily with the help of its amazing tools and features. Keeping an eye on all its features, I recommend you to give this exchange one chance and it will not disappoint you.

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