By The End Of This Year Ethereum (ETH) Will Be Estimated At $2,500.

By The End Of This Year Ethereum (ETH) Will Be Estimated At $2,500.

This morning the markets are on the red line, which is also the International Labor Day. Perhaps the sellers took a day off or are resting in bed. In any case, Bitcoin has fallen below the terrible price of $ 9,000 and is trading at $ 8,957. This small drop affected the rest of the markets. Ethereum (ETH) fell by 4.63% and is at the moment trading at $ 652. Ripple (XRP) is going through a difficult time, staying above its current 0.80 dollars.

The highly bullish Tron (TRX) and Neo (NEO) cryptocurrencies that stunned us yesterday also show negative growth in 24 hours. TRX is estimated at $ 0.09 and Neo (NEO) at $ 79.93.

However, the overall feeling of the markets as we move down in 2018 is one of the high hopes and expected amazing performances on the market by the best coins. Ethereum has not avoided critics and analysts who have gone forward to predict its demise or expected dominance over Bitcoin.

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The analyst has forecasted that by the end of the year Ethereum will be estimated at $2,500 and it will have further increase in 2019 and 2020. The mentioned analyst is  Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group. According to his prediction it would bring the market cap of Ethereum to $247.9 Billion. Believing that the growth of Ethereum would be proportional to the total market capitalization of the Crypto-markets, this would mean that by the end of the year the total market cap would be at about $1.562 Trillion.

This would be wonderful. The introduced volume would mean that cryptocurrencies would have brought more investors by then and been accepted into the mainstream .


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