BTC Network Node Count Hits New All-Time High

Bitcoin network has acquired the latest all-time high node count for another time with having nearly half the number of all the nodes operating on Tor (a browser specifically manufactured for surfing the decentralized websites). The amount of the network nodes of Bitcoin has uniquely increased over the position of 13,000. It has been reported earlier that the recent all-time high of the network was almost 11,613 during January.

As mentioned by the data collected from the statistics dashboard of the Bitcoin network, the new record has been made on 5th July when a lot of accessible nodes observed 13,374. Another online tracking forum is known as ‘Coin Dance,’ has also shared the node count of BTC spiking to the latest all-time high as 12,825. The nodes which are operating the software named Bitcoin Core constitute 98.77% proportion of the total, and the rest of the nodes utilize some unpopular implementations such as Bitcoin Knots and Bitcore.

The launch of Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 was conducted in May, incorporating the activation code of Taproot and a rough count of 5,000 nodes, as reported by the Coin Dance. Presently, this version is considered as utilized by most of the users and the entities operating the reachable nodes.

It has also been shown by the data acquired from Bitnodes that nearly 50% of the nodes count of the network is operating Tor. Previously in January, it was seen that only 25% of the total reachable nodes of the network were being operated on a supplementary hidden network like Tor. The utilization of Tor for operating a client such as Bitcoin Core delivers an extra layer of privacy as it obfuscates the IP addresses of linked nodes.

The data provided by Bitnodes mentions that the node count of the network has expedited over 2,739 nodes during the previous year, in which there has been a great emphasis on the decentralization code of Bitcoin. Simultaneous to the advancement seen in the node count of the platform, Bitcoin is making a significant expansion in its Lightning Network proportion which has crossed over 70% just in the six months.

Previously in July, the capacity of the public Lightning Network overlapped 1,800 BTC following the inclusion of 100 more BTC during some days. Bitcoin Visuals (a statistics tracker for Lightning Network) reports LN nodes to be more than 12,800, which is considered as the latest all-time high of Bitcoin.

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