British Fashion House Collaborates With Minecraft To Introduce Its New Capsule Collection

Burberry, a fashion house based in the United Kingdom, recently introduced the latest capsule collection while partnering up with Minecraft. With this, the platform is developing a world comprising clothes to be worn not just during the catwalk but additionally during the metaverse of the video game.

Fashion Brand Burberry Collaborates with Minecraft to offer an Apparel Collection in Metaverse

The digital collection has fifteen pieces and was constructed for the people playing the famous survival game along with including the outfits featuring the monogram of Thomas Burberry (the founder of the respective fashion house. This is not the initial case of a fashion house endeavoring to move toward digital hybridization. Formerly, Balengiaga developed the skins for Fortnite.

Gucci has additionally jumped into this field creating the Gucci Good Game collection. In this way, initiatives have been taken to integrate the fashion industry into the world of the metaverse and video games. Burberry is additionally providing avatars that wear the apparel of the brand with the provision of an opportunity to accomplish several challenges, like a maze concealed in the signature pattern of Burberry, in 4 worlds established in partnership with Minecraft.

The consumers can additionally buy physical products from the respective collection, taking into account scarves, hats, hoodies, logo sweatshirts, and the Waterloo Trench Coat from the website of Burberry. This move is taken to bridge the physical as well as the digital worlds. Minecraft and Burberry, by merging these worlds, persuade the communities to present their self-expression.

Microsoft and Dentsu Collaborate to Offer Web3-based Innovations

In addition to this, it enables the communities to equip the latest explorer with character creation objects and game skins, as elaborated by the fashion house. Microsoft is making great efforts in the world of the metaverse. A most recent collaboration between Dentsu International as well as Microsoft is a clear example of this. This partnership is to permit the brands to trial with the technologies related to the Web3 world.

Both companies have collaborated to showcase a variety of use cases in the real world to be supposed in a virtual environment. The respective endeavor is supported by the recently declared Web3 Center of Excellence of Dentsu, categorized under the Creative pillar. The Dentsu teams and consumers would have the opportunity in this way to test ideas, carry out hypotheses experiments, as well as make innovations along with gaining new knowledge.

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