Brave Browser Users can now Sell and Purchase Cryptocurrencies Using the Built-in Wallet Features

Brave Browser has introduced some important innovations in recent years. The project has advertised to its clients by offering data privacy and more control over advertisement exposure. The users of this browser service can benefit from important features for cryptocurrency access, such as built-in wallets and crypto custodial extensions.

On the other hand, Brave browser also incentivizes the users by offering them to earn Basic Attention Tokens or BAT by choosing to view advertisements on the forum.

The latest feature that has been introduced by this browser service provider concerns the trading of cryptocurrencies. The firm has shared with its users that it has been working on improving the self-custodial service by way of introducing an off-ramp.

This off-ramp is present as the feature for the users who have an account on the digital wallet feature provided by Brave browser. With this new roll-up, the users of the service will be able to sell their cryptocurrency reserves in addition to purchasing them.

Before the introduction of this new feature, the users of the Brave browser digital wallet were only able to purchase cryptocurrencies.

However, with the latest update, users can now exchange their existing cryptocurrency reserves with fiat currencies such as USD, Euro, GBP, etc. To make these swaps, the users no longer have to migrate out of the integrated Brave wallets.

Brave has adopted the self-custodial wallet method on account of increasing concerns among cryptocurrency investors. These concerns have increased among users on account of the catastrophic demise of the FTX and the Celsius networks.

Brave devs have told their clients that the desktop application of this system is best for ensuring the benefits of the self-custodial wallets. Brave has partnered with an on-ramp startup named Ramp Network for desktop version upgrades.

Salient Features and Benefits of Brave’s New Wallet

Brave has posted a new thread on Twitter to share the updates about this recent wallet upgrade with its users. The firm tweeted that the self-custodial features of these wallets are going to protect the consumers against the dangers of mismanagement of customer funds at the hands of centralized exchanges.

On the other hand, Brave users may also be able to trade their cryptocurrency reserves for fiat currencies across the globe.

The fiat swap service is available for select cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BAT, Solana, and USDC. Brave has listed 38 digital assets for off-ramp sales. The company tweeted that it is keeping with the changing trends and culture in the cryptocurrency sector, where more investors are moving out of centralized exchanges to self-custody wallets.

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