“The Ripple Drop”, a show by Ripple Labs, just released a new episode during which the host asked employees of the company about crypto predictions for the next year. Brad Garlinghouse, the chief executive officer of Ripple Labs, started talking about his thoughts on the crypto industry in 2020.

Garlinghouse said that, in his opinion, next year will be the time for crypto coins to strengthen their positions in the sphere, even though last year, crypto assets were going through a hard time.

Garlinghouse stated that we are going to see the reinforcement of crypto coins in 2020. The number of crypto assets today is absurd and too much. 3,000+ is way too many cryptocurrencies and soon crypto investors will fully move to coins with higher quality.

He also stated that the number of cryptocurrencies will shrink and 99 percent of coins will disappear. During previous interviews, Garlinghouse said that only a smart portion of current crypto coins would have the ability to leap into the large market.

A different crypto enthusiast, Larry Cermak, also said that 95 percent of crypto coins don’t have any liquidity and 2 percent have extremely small liquidity.

Brad Garlinghouse did not only predict that most Altcoins would die, however, he also said that the largest traditional financial companies will start trading and holding crypto assets next year. This is a very bold prediction, considering that currently none of the largest banks own any crypto coins.

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