BMW Defines Its “Future Strategy” With New Program

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BMW Defines Its “Future Strategy” With New Program

The car manufacturer BMW has taken further steps in determining its blockchain strategy with the help of a new acceleration start program.

Two proposals were put forward on this issue. The first of two proposals, based on the blockcahin, came from Supermoney, which creates a new digital wallet. Supermoney claims it provides a platform for customers who buy online and in the store using QR codes.

The second proposal came from Bloom, which uses the principles of blockchain encryption to verify the identity of the client and credit history without storing raw data on a localized server.

They, along with the other four start-ups, will be part of a 10-week accelerator program known as the “Financial Services Collaboration Laboratory for BMW.” Unfortunately, the automaker did not specify exactly how things will develop after the completion of the joint work of BMW financial services.

It is worth noting that BMW Financial Services is a specific division of the BMW Group, responsible for the delivery of accounting, leasing and financial products to other BMW brands.


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