Bloomberg Adds Cardano To Its Terminal

A recent report has claimed that Cardano has been included in Bloomberg’s Terminal. This is an achievable feat for the digital asset because the terminal has been used over the years by experienced traders. To understand this, Bloomberg mentioned that it just added the definition of the token not yet and has not yet out the price of the asset in the terminal.

Even with this update, traders and analysts have argued that the move would open up the crypto to most people who do not know about it, touting the possibility of potential investments. Despite many questions that plagued the firm’s decision to add it, it has not yet addressed the move.

Cardano has seen a massive rise since the start of the year

Cardano is known by all as a blockchain that thrives on peer review and denoting the native digital asset ADA in the crypto market. Bloomberg recently released a piece that portrayed the massive rise that the digital asset experienced. Despite that, the digital asset followed the market as major digital assets accommodated the bears. ADA posted a loss of 5% in the last 24 hours to take its total loss to a region of around 9%.

Still, the recent decline has not been able to rob ADA of the great performance that it has pulled since the start of the year. Selling at a meager $0.18 coming into the new year, ADA now sells for as high as $1.02. According to the market cap, the coin has also been able to banish its past demons to move into the top 5 of the crypto market, now boasting a market cap of close to $40 billion.

Cardano is currently going through an upgrade

With the recent rise in the price of ADA not unknown to people in the crypto market, the CEO of Galaxy Digital asked his followers last week if most of them wanted to bull case for the digital asset. He further followed his question with him, asking if anyone is currently building anything on it. The real reason he was asking the question is because of the mammoth rise that the asset has seen to build its market cap that huge in the span of months.

Presently, Cardano is undergoing an upgrade in phases, with the developers already earmarked five-phase that the upgrade would go through. While other phases are worthy of mention, the developers have talked much about the Goguen Phase. According to them, this phase would allow users on the blockchain to carry out their smart contracts and execute it themselves.

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