Blokchain Technology Plays Leading Role In Dubai

The government of Dubai is accepting amendments, introducing Blokchain technology in some of its most significant departments. The last one to accept this technology is the International Court of Justice of Dubai. The court designs to launch what is called “Blockchain Court,” a platform that will facilitate legitimate transactions using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The International Court of Justice declared that it will collaborate with the government-backed Smart Dubai initiative to develop a task that will evolve a blockchain platform. It is anticipated that this platform will combine different courts and will allow them to exchange information in the most effective and safe methods. Using this legal platform on the basis of the blockchain, courts can store, share and check information more efficiently and, what is more important, in real time.

Dubai at the present moment has a blockchain strategy for 2020. It designs to launch 100% of appropriate government operations on blockchain technology. To achieve this objective various state authorities launched independent projects related to the blockchain. A year ago, the Immigration and Visa Department united with the British startup ObjectTech to create digital passports that could perhaps cancel the need for manual checks at Dubai International Airport. Pursuant to the CEO of ObjectTech, applying biometric verification and blockchain technology, digital passports suggest a faster and safer way for travelers. Besides, travelers can take control of their data by controlling people who have access to their passport data.

Most recently, the Department of Economic Development announced that it also plans to use blockchain technology. The Department of Economic Development is cooperating with other government bodies and companies, such as the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, the Smart Dubai initiative and IBM, to form a platform called the Dubai Blockchain Business Registry.

Obviously, the government of Dubai adopts blockchain technology. The government announced that it plans to use blockchain technology in all its applicable government operations, which will make the country’s governance more efficient, faster and more transparent.


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