Blokchain Company SOLUNA To Build A Wind-Farm In Sahara To Manage Its Block Installation

According to the recent reports the blokchain company Soluna plans to build a 900 MW wind farm in Dakhla, Morocco, to power its blockhouse center.

Pursuant to the Soluna CEO John Belizer construction will begin in 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in five years, with the possibility of connecting electricity from the farm to the national network of Morocco. According to reports, the completion of the construction of the facility will cost 1.4 – 2.5 billion US dollars.

It is reported that the facility will be located on one of the most windy climatic conditions with an area of ​​37,000 acres, which is ideal for a wind farm that requires a huge amount of electricity.

Belizer said that Soluna will not trade crypto currency in Morocco because of warnings of local officials about the use of currency, but it will support the blockchain network, offering computing power to foreign companies in exchange for foreign currency.

It is reported that Soluna is also supported by private equity company Brookstone Partners which specializes in strategic acquisitions, add on acquisitions, growth capital, and middle market investments in public and private companies and can seek large institutional investors in the future.



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