Blockchain Will Make Possible A New Concept Of “Digital Silk Road”

Blockchain Will Make Possible A New Concept Of “Digital Silk Road”

In China, during the Silk Road Business Summit 2018, the official closed meeting of the Chairman of the international chamber of Commerce of the Silk Road –  Li Zhonghang and representatives of the non-profit organization Mile Unity Foundation was held.

The concept of the “Digital Silk Road”, aimed primarily at Beijing, involves the use of all the potential of modern technologies in order to modernize technologically traditional industries, as well as to support international trade and set new standards for the digital ecosystem.

But, according to the representatives of China and South Korea – it is impossible without the introduction of blockchain technology. Only with it, and with joint efforts, it is possible to bring China’s digital economy to a completely new technological level.

It is worth noting that the chamber of international trade of the Silk Road, consisting of national commercial associations of the Silk Road countries, is the first non-profit and non-governmental international business Confederation, which has 129 organizations from 77 countries, including government agencies and trade representatives from millions of different enterprises.

Mile Unity Foundation, headquartered in South Korea, participated in the event as part of the G-Global delegation – the meeting was held in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. It is important that the event was attended by more than 400 representatives of trade organizations from 84 countries.

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