Blockchain Technology Could Be Used to Prove Your Age and Inrease Government Transparency 

Today, a leading experts in blockchain area said, that the digital ledger could be useful in the near future to do everything from proving your age in a bar to government transparency increasing.

Tiana Laurence, who is a startup founder, said that public services could use the digital ledger, called blockchain for increasing the trust in information.

Blockchain is used by Bitcoin to record all transactions and this mathematical data cannot be doctored.

The author of Blockchain for Dummies, Ms Laurence thinks that the technology is likely to be used by organisations who need to prove goods, services and evidence were sent from A to B. This can be helpful for preventing corruption and fraud.

Ms Laurence said after London Blockchain Week it could help over-18s to prove their age without revealing their identity,  or NHS doctors to make medical records “private but verifiable”.


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