Blockchain Technology is ready to rival Social Media/Chat Applications

As per the latest reports, a blockchain-based project has made a statement in regards to its ambition in the global sector. The blockchain platform has announced that it wants to continue advancing more into the technology. The firm wants to introduce more utility and support for the public through its protocol.

The project has announced that it wants to make the technology more accessible for users. Furthermore, it wants to make the usage of blockchain technology safer for anyone who wishes to benefit from it.

The firm has claimed that it wants to provide all the transactions safety through encryptions that are military-grade. This would be to ensure that the data is kept secure and private for the users as much as possible.

The name of the blockchain-based platform is the Jupiter Network. The project claims that it has one of the securest encryption capabilities. This encryption technology is the most suitable for the development of decentralized applications (DApps).

With the help of the encryption that the Jupiter Project providers, the developers can focus on building different kinds of decentralized applications. The firm claims that through its network, the developers do not have to worry about encryption and security when developing decentralized applications.

The developers can introduce as much innovation as they want, making it the most reliable and extremely competitive for other networks/projects. The network is also fully capable of providing support to developers no matter the projects within the crypto-space.

Some of the major projects include cross-border payments, the creation of new cryptocurrencies, NFT markets, asset creation, DEX, file sharing, and even decentralized voting systems.

The firm has announced that its services are already being utilized by many networks. These networks include PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and KuCoin. The firm is fully capable of providing a multi-chain bridge so the users can move their funds and tokens across the different blockchains.

For the Jupiter Project, the most profound creation is the Metis. Metis exists a chat application that is based on a decentralized network. The best feature about the Metis platform is that no matter the platform, it is able to synchronize with them.

The Metis development team claims that through the DApp, the users would have complete privacy and security even when it comes to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The platform would offer full encryption and protection, no matter the platform.

The firm has revealed that no matter the message or content if it is being sent through Metis, it has military-grade encryption, which is double-encrypted. As a result, the content can only be read among the parties that are in the permitted group of the Metis network.

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