Blockchain Technology & Football: Where Everything Started & Where It Goes

Blockchain Technology & Football: Where Everything Started & Where It Goes


Blockchain is already in almost every possible sector of our life, and football is not an exception.

Some football clubs, like PSG and Barcelona, have already launched their fan crypto tokens. Italian Juventus announced that it has teamed up with “,” a Malta-based platform that use blockchain technology. Team supporters will be able to buy “tokens” that will grant them the right to vote in the club’s online polls or access exclusive content or prizes.

London-based Arsenal announced an agreement with a blockchain society, CashBet, which developed a cryptocurrency that allows betting on matches.

Another specific application: ticket sales. UEFA used an application with this technology, which prevents counterfeiting, to sell 100% of its tickets to the public during the European Super Cup in Tallinn.

Recently, Premier League football club Southampton FC has partnered with crypto betting website This will allow Southampton fans an option to take in the matchday experience during the COVID-19 lockdown via virtual reality headsets, while influencers will reportedly be granted sums of Bitcoin to create unique VR experiences.

Besides, UEFA will use a blockchain-based mobile ticketing system to issue tickets at the EURO 2020 football tournament. The association has been testing blockchain tickets for more than 18 months. It says 110,000 tickets (more than 80%) were issued using the system for the UEFA Nations League finals in June 2019.

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