Blockchain Technology Embedding Can Be Carried Out In Catalonia

As indicated by the official public statement July 24 the Government of Catalonia has uncovered a program for blockchain tech usage in its social management activity.

The Government of Catalonia, which is a legislative establishment of the Spanish Spanish self-governing community of Catalonia and is  responsible for the political action, regulation and administration of the government of the autonomous region, is going to promote blockchain technology.

Pursuant to the latest information of news release, by the end of December 2018 Catalonia’s Department of Digital Policies should design a project for including blockchain tech in all spheres of the activity of social management and administration .

The Digital Policy Strategy Department, which will be based on an interdepartmental character working team, urges to strengthen “knowledge, training and talent creation in the field of blockade”, as well as determine areas of technology that have the highest  potential and economic value.

Spain has already started the utilization of blockchain technologies in various industries. According to the information received in May,  Barcelona Tech City had declared the development of a specialized area for blockchain technology formation and growth , and Spain-located bank Santander had become the first universal firm that used blockchain technology for investor voting.



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