The Blockchain Technology Of The 3rd Generation Hetachain And ICO Is Launched

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The Blockchain Technology Of The 3rd Generation Hetachain And ICO Is Launched

Relam Investment LLC has officially launched its ecosystem of blockchain technologies of the 3rd generation Hetachain and ICO. The global launch began in Dubai on Wednesday evening and will continue in London and Turkey through 2018.

Hetachain uses the 3rd generation Blockchain technology platform, which is applicable to all sectors: finance, banking, retail, transportation, manufacturing export, telecommunications, etc.

Hetachain is an ultra-fast hybrid blockchain-based DPoS +BFT network focused on addressing the age-old dilemma of scalability and putting forward a truly democratically managed platform built for transactions on an industrial scale.

Network congestion, slow transactions, high network fees and high energy consumption have become synonymous with 1st and 2nd generation blockchain technology.

3rd generation blockchain technology Hetachain eliminates the mistakes of its predecessors, solving the problems of scalability, increasing transactions per second and energy efficiency, as well as bringing blockchain technology closer to mass adoption.

Crypto innovations are moving fast, and Hetachain is going to take it to unprecedented heights. Hetacoin aims to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, relying on the demand generated by the HETACHAIN CRYPTO-CROWDSALE ecosystem, where all users will be able to launch their own ICO projects.


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