Blockchain-Platform “Snapparazzi” Launches The Forum For Media And Advertising Exchange

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Blockchain-Platform “Snapparazzi” Launches The Forum For Media And Advertising Exchange

The blockchain platform called “Snapparazzi” will be launched as a decentralized independent forum for media and advertising exchange, where users are paid for the media content that they create. It is expected that the platform will solve the problem of incomplete coverage in the media.

When an event of political, social or entertaining value happens accidentally somewhere in the world, a television or news team does not always manage to capture it. Now anyone who has a smartphone and Snapparazzi application can record exclusive news footage that can be sold to television, newspapers and other media. The platform will allow media companies to purchase exclusive footage in real time.

Snapparazzi works on its own digital currency SnapCoin (SNPC). This Ethereum based token is used for each transaction and facilitates payment in the Snapparazzi platform.

After the buyer and seller agreed on the price of the content, in the open auction process in accordance with the terms of the smart contract, buyers pay for the content in a fiat currency. However, the content creator, in turn, will receive payment in its own SNPC token.

Snapparazzi earns money by charging commissions from the cost of the generated content transaction.

The preliminary sale of Snapparazzi tokens began on September 14 and will last until September 24. She has already raised $ 5 million in private sale. The initial offer of coins will be held from 1 to 29 October.


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