Blockchain in agriculture is an effective tool that eases growing and delivering food. In this industry, the challenge is in monitoring and paying for food deliveries.

Today, a third person gets involved in the process of arranging good deliveries and also other affairs. The seller’s officer who verifies that the goods are supplied and the buyer’s officer who deals with payments and checks the delivery. Participation of different officers requires large sums of money and also takes much time, while blockchain is able to make the process simple and using one ledger.

It is confirmed by experts, that blockchain consumers can individually deal with the seller, making the procedure faster. Blockchain will also effect fees positively. Firms will remove officer fees when dealing with blockchain.

With verified and intelligible traits, farmers can trade their goods and foods to restaurants or specific people directly without middlemen. Sellers need to improve their consumers trust for their products quality, especially food.

Blockchain brings transparency into the farming industry and is very promising for agribusiness.

In a Prosper Magazine interview, Agricultural manager Mr. Theunis expressed that Nile Breweries enhances opportunities in economy for small farmers and prevents them from losing their funds.

Mr. Theunis claims that with blockchain farmers will have the chance to check out fees via mobile. Blockchain will be connected to their phones and every transaction that happens will be monitored by the farmer, for example, when transactions took place.

Currently, there are 8000 users but it’s not confirmed that they are all agriculturalists as most of them don’t own phones, but experts are continuously supporting and providing them with possible innovations as they find agriculturalist activity important. Farmers also need to make enough money and this new technology lets them get expanded.

This project will have a beneficial effect on the agricultural financial issues and the development of farming. 








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