The Blockchain Exchange in Gibraltar Considering Cryptocurrencies

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The Blockchain Exchange in Gibraltar Considering Cryptocurrencies

Everybody knows that Europe has become a heaven for cryptocurrency and blockchain activity. Various countries are welcoming companies in these industries with open arms. Malta and Switzerland have made a lot of positive headlines in this direction. Recently Binance started a shop in Malta, as Bitmain has included Switzerland as their new favorite European country.

These industries will have an opportunity to thrive in the months and years to come. It seems Gibraltar is going to make another big impact in this regard. Although the country has been pretty open-minded toward cryptocurrencies for quite some time now, there is always room for improvement. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is an obvious example of possible developments.

Bitcoin News

More specifically, this subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange wants to become the first regulated and licensed token sale platform and digital asset exchange operated by an EU-regulated stock exchange. This will bring a lot more legitimacy to the GBX itself, as well as bring positive attention to both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the coming years.

The fact, that makes Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange so attractive is that it make profits from the small nation’s dynamic and coordinated regulatory framework. In January an official DLT Regulatory Framework went into effect this year. This strengthens Gibraltar’s influence on the blockchain technology space.

There are interesting things to happen, as the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is also focusing its attention on cryptocurrency. GBX will work with industry experts and significant stakeholders. With Gibraltar positioning itself as a positive trendsetter in this regard, other European countries will have to follow its lead.


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