Blockchain Development Platform QuickNode Raises $35M

Fundraising is not new to the Crypto market. Over the past several years some of the epic capital ventures have established million dollars Crypto business tycoons. However, this time Quick Node, a blockchain development platform successfully raised $35M in fundraising.

The company’s Series A fundraising activity helped in raising the $5.3 million mark earlier this year which was co-partnered by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano. The company announced on Wednesday that it managed to raise around $35 million in new fundraising activity. 

Some other renowned names who joined the fundraising were Tiger Global, Seven Seven Six, Soma Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, Crossbeam, and Anthony Pompliano. QuickNode is a USA-based blockchain company situated in Miami. The company is massively popular as it develops blockchain apps. The company’s Vice President Amol Shah reflected on the saucersful fundraising campaign by adding that the success of this event would help the company to implement its goal of digital growth via the web and to enhance its accessibility across all blockchains. The amount would also be used to improve the services and to develop more blockchain apps in the future.

As of this writing, QuickNode has already developed deep roots in the market. The company is working with diverse clients, including non-fungible tokens (NFT) and traditional financial institutes. Moreover, it is an exception to the way companies are developing blockchain platforms and bigger exchanges on the blockchain. QuickNode is competition in the sector where quality with rapid development is the biggest competitive advantage. That’s where this fundraising can play an integral part in the rapid growth of the company.

Nowadays a relatively large number of people have started to talk about how Blockchain can shape the future and some biggest names have already moved onto blockchain technology. The top leadership at QucikNode does believe that following the rapid growth there will be some bigger names looking forward to entering the market. QuickNode is planning to build a strong mechanism to seize the future blockchain market. Moreover, the popularity of blockchain technology is empowering modern-day businesses by offering a state-of-the-art solution. QuickNode is building crypto exchanges and developing the security protocols for the real word economics institutes.

The amount raised by the company would also be used to hire the talent. The company is keenly looking forward to internal and external growth in order to exploit the blockchain marketplace in order to further enhance its market presence.  Apart from expanding its product offerings, QuickNode is also looking forward to expanding its customer base. The top management of QuickNode further said that the company might initiate another joint capital venture with some other big names in near future in order to generate enough money for its future plans.

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