Blockchain For Data Security: Colorado New Bill

Colorado Senate introduced a new state bill about using blockchain technology to protect data from hackers attacks.

Senate Bill 086 was introduced on January 16 and suggests that using a distributed ledger would eliminate the need for paper records and in-person updating of such data. This system will create a more secure record and will solve the State’s data collection and retention problems.

If passed, the bill would direct Colorado’s chief information security officer to evaluate the costs and benefits of using distributed ledgers in various government systems, and to determine blockchain’s capability in handling cyberattacks compared to traditional computer systems.

According to the bill, there were about six to eight million attempted breaches of the Colorado state government’s digital platforms  in 2017.

Many of the governments records are unsecured and this can cause that hackers or identity thieves to steal the data. Also there was noted in the bill the fact of increasing number of stealing personal information.

Also the bill informed that Colorado State still requires citizens to visit state agencies to modify their information and blockchain system can solve this problem. The bill continues that blockchain distributed ledgers provide the capability of openly traceable transactions while maintaining the privacy of each person performing the transactions


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