Blockchain Centre CEO Says Regulators Cannot Now Ignore Crypto

According to the statements made by Blockchain Centre’s CEO on the state of cryptocurrencies, it seems that Crypto might eventually dominate the baking sector in the coming times.

CEO of Blockchain Centre, Tadas Maurukas commented on the current state of cryptocurrencies, saying that regulators are in such a position that will force them to keep their gaze towards cryptocurrencies, meaning that they “cannot ignore” cryptocurrencies. During a special interview, hosted by a news outlet, CEO Tadas Maurukas gave his opinion regarding the matter that he is quite delighted that regulators have started to actively take part in producing new and unique solutions in the coming time and space.

Banks to become Insignificant

Seeing the crypto market and blockchain technology boost to newer levels each day, CEO Tadas said that he is not surprised that the respective authorities and regulators are talking and discussing more about the cryptocurrency sector. In addition to that, CEO Tadas also mentioned about his thoughts on the current traditional banks and questioned in how they will be able to keep up with the evolving market in the future. Tadas thinks that the current level of traditional market services and features being offered will become obsolete in the coming times.

Questions to be Addressed

There were quite a lot of questions being asked about why the Blockchain Centre came into existence in the first place, to which he answered that several firms have been wanting to get into blockchain and the crypto industry, however in order to bring evolution into the current traditional tech, existing products must be utilized or just make a completely new and unique project. Many firms also lose hope, because they find it difficult to adopt so much that is in the market.

CEO Tadas was asked about how they will aid companies who are looking to get into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, to which he replied that everybody has a part of a large database that is able to connect with certain entities on a worldwide scale. Adding to that Tadas said that several projects are in no need of different teams, so traditional infrastructures should be utilized. In order to connect with the companies, marketing tactics and the correct IDO platforms must be used. 

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