BlackBerry Will Start The Blockchain For The Exchange Of Health Data

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BlackBerry Will Start The Blockchain For The Exchange Of Health Data

Ex-manufacturer of mobile phones, and now-software development company BlackBerry is thinking to launch a blockchain platform for saving and sharing medical information.

BlackBerry Limited has now come up with a blockchain solution to securely share data between healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes.

The company uses its network operations center to power the blockchain digital ledger, which aims to create a secure global system for storing and sharing patients ‘ medical data.

BlackBerry recently introduced BlackBerry Spark, an Enterprise of Things (EoT) platform that aims to transform global health data delivery. John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry, said:

“We apply our expertise in security, data privacy and communications to regulated industries such as the automotive industry, financial services and government to address one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.”

The new Blockchain solution from BlackBerry will allow data that is entered by patients, laboratories and biometric devices to remain protected from unauthorized access.

BlackBerry also launched a new operating system QNX for Medical 2.0. This operating system is aimed at the development of robotic surgical instruments, patient observation systems, infusion pumps, blood analysis systems, etc.


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