Bitwala, a crypto company based in Berlin, made over USD 14 million in the first crowdfunding series.

Sony Financial Ventures and NKB group were behind the crowdfunding campaign. Companies like Coparian and Earlybird also engaged and these submitted 50 percent of the raised money.

The funds will be used in order to improve the number of clients as well as employees. Bitwala is also planning to create Bitcoin accounts for the companies that are going to utilize the gathered money.

The co-founder and current CTO of the company, Ben Jones stated that Bitwala provides a connection with the blockchain network to both experienced and beginner users.

Jones also added that even though the system is still growing and improving, it was an amazing experience for the company to contribute to its growth in the last years.

Bitwala offers an account containing a cryptocurrency wallet for free along with a debit card. In addition, the firm supports the transactions to Bitcoins worth over USD 12 million.

Bitwala serves users from 31 countries and was around 40 workers.

The co-founder and CCO of Bitcoin, Jan Golicki also added that the company was started to create something that was thought to be impossible: a system that links Bitcoin and the traditional financial network while complying with necessary regulations.

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