Cryptocurrency operator BitPay carries out almost all of their transactions using bitcoins.

This was stated by the General Director Stephen Pair. He said: “95% of our payments are made in bitcoin.”

While the figure itself is not surprising, Pair’s latest statement stands in stark contrast to the comments he made two years ago. As the user of StopAndDecrypt noted in social networks, having supported his words with two videos from Peyr’s speech at the Consensus conference in May 2017, BitPay at that time generally wanted to abandon bitcoin and the probable alternative was ready to be in the industry – bitches was launched two months later.

Since the advent of BCH, fees in the bitcoin network have declined sharply. The user StopAndDecrypt suggested that the harsh statements of Pair against bitcoin at that time were associated with high commissions. However, now the company’s attitude to altcoins has become sharper. Pair also said:

“Over the years, Dogecoin fanatics… Litecoin fanatics have come to us; they’ve all tried to PR on social media to create the perception that their coin is the only one and it is going to beat bitcoin, and thus, we have to use it.”

As for Bitcoin Cash, Pair added that his company will continue to support Bitcoin ABC.

At the beginning of the year, BitPay reported record revenue in 2018. The firm said it had processed payments worth more than $1 billion at the end of December last year.


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