BitGo crypto-custodial service announced the addition of one of the largest digital assets on the market – Stellar Lumens (XLM).

As the company noted in the blog, it became the first supplier of wallet with multi-signature and custody solutions for cryptocurrencies, recently published in fourth place in the CoinMarketCap list. At the same time, the number of digital assets supported by BitGo has reached 115.

“We are constantly adding support for new digital currencies that our customers are interested in, and Stellar has become an obvious solution for inclusion of this list. The Stellar network offers BitGo customers access to the financial structure of cross – border transfers, making XLM particularly important in the eyes of investors,” said BitGo technological director Ben Chan.

Along with the addition of Stellar in BitGo wallets, integrated address writing support was implemented, which allows you to create human-readable addresses like those used in email.

Also, Bity made a separate announcement – a smaller one, but not least for individual users – that maintains a network of cryptocurrency terminals in Switzerland. From now on, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, potential investors can buy Monero using its devices.

Explaining why Monero was chosen as the third supported cryptocurrency, the company draws attention to its anonymous characteristics, which “provide an additional level of privacy for users, unattainable in the transparent blockchains used by Bitcoin and Ethereum”, and have a particular importance for the “development of a human-oriented digital economy”.

Bity terminals accept deposits of up to 5,000 francs ($5,010) or the equivalent in euros and they are located in the Swiss “crypto village” located in Zug, as well as in Western Union offices in four different cities of the country.


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