Bitget Rebrands to Bring Customers Smarter Trading

Top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform Bitget has announced its rebranding, to focus on strengthening its position as a leader in innovative trading products. The initiative tagged “Trade Smarter” aims to empower individuals with intuitive tools for a secure, user-friendly, and efficient financial future.

In a blog post, Bitget said it has always encouraged more people to enter crypto and take advantage of its potential to create a better life. However, the process isn’t as easy as it sounds, since it requires knowledge and experience. Processes such as trading have also evolved with the growing crypto industry, making it more difficult than ever for beginners to enter the space.

Although Bitget has done its part in educating the public, that isn’t enough to enable beginners smoothly navigate the crypto industry, causing many to give up altogether or lose their investments. This necessitated the copy trading initiative which the exchange is known for currently.

However, this isn’t enough, so Bitget is launching a copy trading community while leveraging AI to help members trade smarter.

“Starting today, “Trade smarter” will be Bitget’s new brand tagline. Together with our users, we will continue to BUIDL the world’s largest crypto copy trading community, leveraging new technologies such as AI to help every member of the community trade smarter,” Bitget wrote in a blog post on Tuesday July 25.

Simplifying trading

In addition to building a vibrant copy trading community to help beginners trade smarter, Bitget says it is also rebranding its visual identity. This will streamline trading and make it more simple and efficient.

The exchange says it is adopting a “subtractive” approach by taking out some features to make the user interface simpler.

“The same idea also applied to our brand’s visual design, we adopted a “subtractive ” approach. The first element to be “subtracted” is the “tails” in Bitget’s iconic arrow logo,” the exchange wrote in the blog post. “The simplified graphic emphasizes a sense of “direction”. Whether it is copy trading today or AI-assisted intelligent trading in the future, our goal is to help users find their own trading direction that aligns with their investment goals,” it further stated.

Bitget has already applied the new design to its homepage, and will be placing it across pages of the official website, Bitget App, and various external brand displays over the next six months.

“We believe that the new visual language, with its eye-catching color combo and streamlined interactive interface, will provide users with a safer, easier, and more efficient crypto trading experience,” it wrote.

About Bitget

Bitget is a leading derivatives trading exchange with headquarters in Seychelles. The exchange currently serves over 20 million users, and will be turning five in September this year. At the core of the rebranding is the exchange’s commitment to serving its customers better.

Bitget lists three areas of commitment towards offering better services. These include prioritizing customer satisfaction, being transparent in its dealings, and turning wins into “win-wins” for the exchange, customers, and those it enters into partnerships with.

“Get ready to experience the revamped Bitget and join us in an exciting new chapter, where we’ll be helping even more people make the most of our services and trade smarter together!,” Bitget’s managing director Gracy Chen said in the blog post.

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