Bitget Debuts Blockchain4Her Program to Support Women in Web3 Industry 

With the ongoing development in the digital sector, women have stepped up to venture into crypto investments. The increased participation of women in crypto investment portrayed that female entrepreneurs are optimistic about the future of digital assets.

Following the rise of women in crypto, the key industry players have demonstrated their commitment to supporting the development of women-led initiatives. 

Bitget Launches Blockchain4Her Project

In its recent report, the Seychelles-based crypto exchange Bitget launched the Blockchain4Her initiative to offer female investors technical and financial support. The newly launched program targets women in Web3 and blockchain sectors. 

The Bitget team confirmed that the Blockchain4Her initiative will offer a $10 million fund to support Web3 and blockchain startups owned by women investors. The multi-million investment will equip female investors with fundamental knowledge of crypto and blockchain technologies.

 Firstly, the Bitget team will offer incubation programs for women in crypto and Web3. The proposed incubation program will offer training and workshops for female crypto investors.

 The Bitget team projects that through training, the female investors will gain insights on how to optimize their business performance. Beyond this, the Blockchain4Her initiative will host a competition for women-led Web3 and blockchain startups. 

This competition will recognize the achievements made by women in crypto and Web3. After launching the Blockchain4Her initiative program, the Bitget team will host the Women in Blockchain Summit & Awards that recognize the remarkable contribution made by women in redefining the crypto and Web3 sectors. 

Before the event, the Bitget team plans to engage key industry players to support the program. The Bitget team confirmed that companies seeking to join the Blockchain 4Her as ambassadors can register for the program. The ambassador will be tasked with roles that bring positive outcomes to the crypto sector. 

Reviewing Gender Gaps in the Crypto Industry

Additionally, the ambassadors will create an inclusive environment to support women in thriving in the crypto sector. Speaking exclusively at the Web3 Hub in Davos, the managing director at Bitget, Gracy Chen, confessed that the crypto sector was ever-evolving. 

The executive underscored the need to support diversity and inclusivity in the crypto sector. She lamented that with the ongoing development in the crypto sector, it was essential to address the potential gender gaps. The executive mentioned that the launching of the Blockchain4Her project demonstrated Bitget’s commitment to bringing more female entrepreneurs to the crypto sector. 

Chen added that the newly launched Blockchain4Her program would focus on incubation programs, pitch competitions, and award events. After the Blockchain4Her program, Chen believes that the beneficiaries will be ready to take leadership roles in Web3 and the blockchain sector.

 The executive mentioned that for the past years, the Bitget team has been striving to develop projects that boost inclusivity and equality in the blockchain sector. The official vowed to support the attainment of the UN sustainable development goal of gender equality by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Significance of Blockchain4Her Program

 The newly launched Blockchain4Her program will replicate the young talent program Blockchain4Youth, which launched by Bitget mid-last year. A review of the Blockchain4Youth demonstrated that the Bitget team will liaise with learning institutions to offer training to young adults. 

Also, the crypto exchange confirmed that the courses offered by Bitget Academy will be available to university lecturers. In the report, the Bitget team stated that Blockchain4Youth will equip the learners with the basic principles of Web3.

 This implies that apart from the courses, the Bitget team will offer incubator programs to young entrepreneurs with innovative projects. The report demonstrated that the incubator program and hackathon projects will be offered to youth under the age of 30.

 The primary objective of the Bitget hackathon and incubator program was to nurture young adults to become leaders. Beyond this, the desire to promote gender diversity forced the Bitget team to assess the participation of women in Web3. 

In an earlier report, the Bitget team conducted research to examine the significance of Web3 venture capital to the women in crypto. They noted that female-led startups received approximately 7% of the funds generated from VC funding projects. 

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