Kraren along with several other major exchanges delisted Bitcoin SV. Earlier Shapeshift and Binance have taken similar measures.

The rupture between Craig Wright, a notable Bitcoin SV supporter, and prominent members of the digital asset community has already had an adverse effect on the coin’s value. The currency has decreased in value by 80% compared to the previous week.

Kraken asked their user’s view of delisting Bitcoin SV through an online poll. The crypto community has turned against the currency after legal bullying and threats by Wright and others. The poll resulted in the majority of 70000 voters electing delisting. However, it was interesting that a large portion of the voters showed lack of interest in the subject seeing that less than 10% were opposed to the move.

By all means, this is not the first delisting of Kraken, with other notable ones being Iconomi and Namecoin. The delisting of these digital assets occurred as a result of low volume as well as a change in protocol. However, in the case of Bitcoin SV, this is the first delisting done by a major exchange that didn’t involve the digital asset’s performance or management.

Since crypto community members are happy to see the crypto asset getting delisted from exchanges, it appears that Bitcoin SV has a rough future ahead.


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