Bitcoin (BTC) scammers have finally failed. A “robocall” fraud was ignored by Hawaiian Electric customers, as the scammers requested them to pay Bitcoin value in exchange for their electricity supply to continue operating.

As reported by Hawaiian Electric, from the 70 customers that received calls, no one paid any amount of money, which was a promising sign that the fraudsters were simply ignored by customers. The calls, made to businesses and individuals, occurred last week on Tuesday and Wednesday. During these, the scammers informed the customers about their power supply ceasing if they didn’t pay in half an hour. A majority of the phone calls requested customers to call another number and press 1 in order to make a payment.

A customer stated that he dialed the number and was instructed to pay at a local retailer. After that, he was told to pay $700, but, fortunately, the customer refused and didn’t make the payment.

According to Hawaiian Electric, up to 200 fake calls were reported the previous year causing thousands of dollars being stolen from customers.

This news makes evident that citizens are highly cautious and vigilant when it is a question of identifying scammer and less probable to make such payments with no proof.


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