Bitcoin (BTC) Still At $40K; FIL Gains 11%: Holidays Consolidation

Filecoin is one of the alts with significant price action over the past day. FIL surged 11%.

The crypto spectrum remains somewhat calm, with BTC hovering above the $40K mark without substantial movements. Most alts in the marketplace exhibit similar trends. However, Filecoin decoupled, gaining double-digits over the past day.

BTC Stagnant at $40,000

Bitcoin explored the $47K price level some ten days ago. A rejection here saw the primary crypto on gradual downtrends. The crypto weakened within a few days, plunging towards $45K, then $43K. As somewhat expected, Bitcoin lost the 2021 January record high of $42K before the narrative worsened amid 12 April sessions. That meant monthly lows as BTC plummeted under the sought-after $40K.

The bellwether crypto responded well to the fall and rebounded to near the $42K threshold. However, BTC faced rejections again, translating to a leg-down towards $40K on Friday. BTC has kept its price reactions beyond $40K since then. While writing these lines, BTC trades at $40,392.46, dropping 0.15% over the previous 24 hours. Meanwhile, the crypto market cap remained beneath the $800 billion level.

Filecoin Leads the Pack

Though recognized for their massive volatility nature, altcoins could not produce turbulent actions over the previous 24 hours. The past several days saw ETH beneath $3,000, hitting weekly lows. However, the leading alternative token reclaimed the level within no time. While publishing this content, Ethereum traded with a 0.13% 24hr gain at $3,042.77. Ethereum lost approximately 6% over the past seven days.

Binance Coin stayed beyond the $410 mark after failing to overcome $420 some days ago. Other altcoins in red are Ripple, CRO, Dogecoin, Cardano, and Shiba Inu. On the other side, slight gains came from Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, and Terra.

Meanwhile, Filecoin led the gainers, surging 11% within the previous 24 hours. For now, FIL trades on a massive bullish outlook, trading at $21.11 at this publication.

As highlighted earlier, the market stayed somewhat flat. The global crypto market capitalization remained at $1.88 trillion, gaining 0.04% over the past day.

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