Bit-Finance Review – Is Bit-Finance Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Bit-Finance Review

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In this piece of writing, I am going to introduce you to Bit-Finance, which has earned a good name as an honest and trustworthy broker. Comprehensive knowledge will be provided below in this Bit-Finance review.

Online trading was not an easy task in the past because it required devotion, attention, and hard work from traders. But with the emergence of ultra-modern trading platforms, this tiresome process has become easy and convenient. Most of the advanced brokerage platforms use AI (artificial intelligence) to track trends and to alter the sentiment of the market, and then provide the reports to their customers. With the help of these reports, traders remain aware of changing moods of the trading market.

There are plenty of trading instruments available nowadays but having so many options in front makes traders puzzled. At this stage, good brokers step in and help their traders to select only those assets which possess high chances of profit. A trader only needs to initiate the first step, and then gates of success and opportunity keep opening for him. Customized platform and account managers of Bit-Finance help traders in every step, including decision making.

Overview Of Bit-Finance

Bit-Finance offers multiple trading instruments, but it is widely regarded as one of the best options for trading CDFs and Foreign currency exchange. Many brokers hesitate in these assets, but Bit-Finance is an expert in them and proudly offers services for these assets. Cyber-attacks are very common nowadays, but with Bit-Finance, your investment will be 100% protected with the help of its security measures. Multiple security walls were erected at the time of its foundation. The platform claims that almost 99% of its clients are completely satisfied with its provided services.

Bit-Finance website

Trading Platform

The trading platform of this broker is web-based. That is why it does not restrict traders to one device only because it can be accessed from any device without any unnecessary limitations. Traders are not required to download a single megabyte. However, if a trader himself wants to download its application, then he can do it from Playstore if he is an android user or from the app store if he is an iOS user. The spontaneous interface of the platform enhances the effectiveness of trading, and as a result, traders feel a sense of comfort and satisfaction. You can use this platform whenever and wherever you want because there are no restrictions.

The main target of Bit-Finance is to arm its traders with a fast, safe, and delightful trading experience so that their ability to earn can expand to maximum limits. The goal and priority of this broker are to serve its customers with its full zeal. In addition, the eye-catching user interface of the platform is much appreciated by its traders because it makes trading convenient.

Exceptional Trading Tools

Tools play a vital role in making trading easier for you because they predict oncoming price movements and market sentiment. Bit-Finance comes out with updated tools and software for its respected customers. These tools are very helpful in earning high returns by trading more than one asset at the same time. These tools are developed with the help of state-of-the-art technology, which increases the trading pace and opens new windows of prosperity and profit. These tools are helpful for both the beginners and experienced traders because it caters the needs of every trader effectively. 

There is a Strategy Center established on the platform by Bit-Finance, which is beneficial for traders because it provides useful knowledge and tricks about the trading market. In this portion, the platform provides a significant amount of trading-related literature, which helps in polishing the skills of traders. Strategy Center is available for all, and it opens the gates of success for the traders. The modern trading platform of this broker makes trading convenient and lucrative for traders. You can earn some quick money by trading Forex, stock indices, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies by utilizing the education provided by Bit-Finance.

Trading Assets

Bit-Finance trading assets

Expansion of portfolio increases profits. That is the reason why Bit-Finance allows to trade in multiple assets at the same time. Here you are provided options such as Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Investing all money in one asset increases the risk. That is why you should not put all eggs in one basket. The managers provided by the firm work as consultants, and you can seek help to know the tricks and techniques to increase the profit ratio. The assets available for trading on Bit-Finance are further discussed below.

The first trading asset or instrument offered by Bit-Finance is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency lovers will find here all the prestigious and highly rewarding digital coins of the market. The top of the line digital currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and many more. The history of these coins shows that many people have earned millions by trading these digital coins, and now you can also make your dreams come true by investing in them. Don’t forget that these cryptocurrencies are more volatile than any other trading asset. That is why you need to do homework before jumping in this trade. Investors and high-profile organizations have invested in Bitcoin open-heartedly. That is why at this moment, its market cap is higher than all altcoins. The technology sector is also investing in Bitcoin because they know that its price will definitely increase in the future. Cryptocurrency analysts and experts are predicting that the flagship coin’s price will touch a six-digit figure in 2022. For the next decade, the analysts are hopeful that all digital coins will demonstrate even more progress.

Bit-Finance specializes in the trading of foreign currency pairs as well. In Forex trading, traders stake their money on fiat currencies whose market values change depending on the prominent changes occurring in the region. This market is famous for its high liquidity because traders bet trillions of dollars every day. If you want to trade in this market, then Bit-Finance allows you to trade many Forex pairs against top currencies such as Dollar, Pound, and Euro, but if you do not want to trade popular currencies, then you will be provided hundreds of other options as well. The daily trading volume of this market is over 5 trillion dollars. Bit-Finance’s provided tools and indicators will help you to predict price movements accurately.

Trading commodities is another option provided by Bit-Finance on its platform. Commodities are divided into two categories. Some are called soft commodities, while others are called hard commodities. On this platform, you will be allowed to trade both types of commodities. Commodities are the oldest trading instrument which is still very popular, and many people have become rich by trading them. In the online trading market, commodities such as oil, gas, and food still comprise a large share.

You may not be able to own a full company, but still, you have an option to buy its stock and become a partial owner. This type of trading is considered a good option to combat rapidly rising inflation. Some people, on the other hand, invest in stocks to become wealthy in a short interval of time. That is why stocks are a lucrative addition to portfolios if you want to diversify your portfolio.

Account Types

Bit-Finance offers four types of accounts that provide different features. These four types are named basic, silver, gold, and platinum accounts. The minimum deposit limit in all these accounts varies because they target different types of investors. These four types of accounts generally refer to four different categories of traders based on their investment limits.

The first account type is the basic account which is designed for beginners. That is why its initial deposit limit is set at a minimum. You can own this account by only depositing 500 dollars. The services provided to basic account holders are also basic, but it allows to trade from 150 available assets. The second option is the silver account which can be owned by depositing at least 5000 dollars. It is an upgraded form of a basic account which is why the number of features increases. If you want to open a gold account, then you will need to deposit at least 25k dollars because it is the minimum limit set by the broker for this account. The most advanced, loaded, and high-end account type offered by Bit-Finance is the platinum account. The minimum deposit limit for this account is not mentioned on the website, but it is expected to be over 100k dollars. To open this account, you will have to contact the broker through the customer support team. In this account, users are provided access to all the functionalities and features of the platform.

Some of the other features which are advertised on the platform include daily market reviews, dedicated ARM, trading bonuses, lower spreads, email and SMS alerts, priority on approval of withdrawals, and access to a loyalty store. All these features are unique and extraordinary, which are not being provided by any other brokerage platform in the market. 

It is advised that while choosing an account, you should select an account considering your own level of professionalism and experience along with your investment limit. If your trading skills are not much strong and you bet on a large amount of money, then the chances of loss will increase. That is why choose wisely.

Stress On Education

If you want to be a trader, then training is a necessary element. Without possessing good knowledge, skills, and education, you will never be able to transform into a good trader. That is why you should learn the tricks and tactics wholeheartedly. To empower its traders, Bit-Finance has created a separate and dedicated section on the platform and named it ‘Education.’ The guiding material provided in this section includes an economic calendar, market analysis, trading signals, and training of the clients.

When you open the economic calendar, which is the very first option in this section, you will see a detailed list of important events that are going to take place in the near future. These events are listed there because they are likely to affect the prices of various assets in the upcoming days. This amazing feature will enable you to predict and guess future price behavior. The calendar suggests the percentage of the price movement and uses red and green colors to describe the possibility of decrease and increase, respectively. After having a look at these events, you will be able to make clever, wise, and clearheaded decisions regarding trading. 

Bit-Finance provides two types of market analysis. These are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The fundamental analysis covers all the substantial news and incidents that influence the overall performance of any firm or company. For instance, in fundamental analysis, you will analyze major developments or anything bad that happens to the company. In contrast, technical analysis deals with only price fluctuation within a specific time period. Most traders make decisions by following technical analysis only by using charts, graphs, and indicators, but Bit-Finance also prepares its clients to use fundamental analysis so that they can learn these hacks as well. 

Trading signals are another useful facility being provided under the umbrella of Bit-Finance. Although it is a premium feature here, it is provided free of cost, and it helps the traders to make calculated decisions before actually betting on a particular asset. But the thing is, you will need to have firm faith in these signals; when a signal hints towards selling, then you should not go the opposite way. These signals are provided at the right time; that is why they increase the profit margin. Other brokerage platforms charge a fee for providing trading signals.

The last part of this section is the training of the traders. It may seem like an easy task, but it is quite the opposite. It requires great learning and exposure to trading to make things better in this procedure. Lack of training can cause losses, and traders may lose all their investment money. Diligent managers of Bit-Finance provide every possible support, aid, and training to those customers who need it. The literature provided for training covers all the important topics such as important terminologies, how to use TCR and an economic calendar, understanding price patterns, and candlestick analysis.

Attractive GUI

GUI stands for the graphical user interface. A friendly and interactive user interface makes trading smooth and enjoyable. A dull and boring user interface irritates people, and some people even leave the website after such a bad first impression. The user interface of Bit-Finance is created and designed according to modern principles and strategies. All the essential details are provided on the very first page, and you can find them without facing any difficulty. 

When you open the website, you will notice a small icon in the corner asking you to provide your email address. If you enter your email address there, you will receive the latest news about the trading market directly in your inbox. These emails will keep you updated with current market trends, and this information will eventually help you at the time of placing bets.

Customer Support Service

The relationship between a broker and its traders depends upon the customer support service of the broker. Bad customer support service negatively affects this relationship. That is why online brokers pay special attention to this service. Bit-Finance is one of those brokers which are providing great customer support service since day one. They have provided their email address and phone number on the platform, and everyone can contact them 24/7. The customer support team members are professional and well trained who know exactly how to do their job. The main purpose of this platform is to provide relief to its customers of their problems and worries which they face during trading. If you face any problem or difficulty, feel free to contact the customer support team of Bit-Finance.

Is Bit-Finance Safe?

If this question is popping up in your mind, then you should not worry about it because Bit-Finance is one of the safest and secure platforms. The platform has never been a victim of any cyber-attack so far, which is proof of its strong safety system. The founding members of this platform have made sure that no outside entity can breach its security walls. 

Bit-Finance is a professional broker, and professional brokers never compromise on security because if a single loophole is present in the system, then its customers can lose their money. This platform provides security of funds as well as personal information. Funds of clients are kept in segregated accounts so that money belonging to customers remains safe. The private information of traders is also safe because even staff members don’t have access to the personal information because it is collected only for identification purposes.

It is a piece of free advice for you that never join a trading platform without thoroughly researching about it. But if you have decided to register with Bit-Finance, then you will not have to research about it because it is a reliable and trusted broker. With state-of-the-art encryption technology, your personal data and investment are completely safe.

Final Words

Bit-Finance is a top brokerage platform which is providing its services to beginners as well as experienced traders. Its software and trading tools provide great help in earning profit. Its most amazing features are its education center and security measures. Its major objective is to provide mental peace to its traders; that is why it has made thousands of admirers in a short period of time. 

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