Binance to Donate BNB Worth $3 Million to Morocco Earthquake Victims

On Friday, September 8, a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Morocco, leading to massive loss of lives and destruction of property. The earthquake claimed over 2800 lives and left 2,500 Moroccans injured.

A press release from the Moroccan government demonstrated that most victims were buried under the rubble of the collapsed infrastructures. The ongoing rescue operation has challenged humanitarian organizations from Spain, Britain, Qatar, and other parts of the world to extend support by providing relief to over 300000 earthquake victims. 

Binance to Send Crypto Donation to Morocco

On Monday, September 11, Binance, the largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume, joined the rest of the world to support the Moroccan earthquake victims. In an official publication, the crypto team vowed to send millions of dollars of Binance Coin (BNB) to the affected Moroccans.

As the effort to find the earthquake survivors proves unfruitful, Binance intends to restore dignity and save lives to the quake victims strategically. The Binance team shared a condolence message to earthquake victims, pledging to support them through the hard times.

The crypto exchange non-profit arm Binance Charity plans to airdrop BNB worth over $3 million to support the affected customers. The Binance team described the Morrocan earthquake as major and devastating. 

Ongoing Rescue Operations in Morocco

On a sympathetic note, Changepeng “CZ” Zhao, the chief executive of the controversial crypto exchange, urged the Binance users in the region to transfer the funds to the victims. He added that if an unaffected user accidentally receives the donation, sending the funds to those affected by the earthquake was essential.

The primary objective of the donation will be channeled to Binance users who seek to uphold the well-being of the earthquake victims. The crypto exchange intends to use the proof-of-address protocol to identify the Morrocan users affected by the earthquake.

Reflecting on the Binance African customers list, the crypto exchange noted that over 70000 users are from Morocco. The latest analysis shared by the international rescue team demonstrated that the earthquake was more powerful in the Marrakech-Safi province. 

The Binance team has analyzed the regions mostly affected by the earthquake. In the report, the Binance Charity group stated that the affected users from Marrakech will receive BNB tokens worth $100 in their respective accounts.

Reimbursement Process of Crypto Donation

Consequently, the Morrocan from other cities apart from Marrakech will receive a BNB of $10. The Binance team has scheduled to transfer the crypto donation to the earthquake from Tuesday, September 12.

Besides the proposed crypto donation Binance intends to move to the earthquake victims, the crypto exchange plans to create a new wallet to allow them to send their contributions. The expected public wallet will enable BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and Tether token holders to support the Morrocan victims. 

Remarkably, the Binance Charity team has been supporting the recovery of individuals struck by natural catastrophes. In March, the Binance team, led by the CEO, donated substantial amounts of crypto assets to the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake. At that time, the Binance team airdroped $100 BNB to the earthquake victims.

Lately, crypto donations have commonly been used to support the victims of natural calamities. Last week, Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson, alias The Rock, launched a crypto fund program to help the devastating Maihu Hawaii wildfire victims. 

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