Binance Restarts Trading Operations Within Hours

In case if all goes according to plan Binance, the major exchange for plenty of altcoins, is returning online in several hours. More questions were discovered during the operation period, and the strict isolation lasted for more than a couple of days. Binance mentioned that deposit accounts will be newly opened, but withdrawals will be able only after some hours.

During that time markets stayed nervous with Bitcoin threatening to collapse again below $6,000, with no signals of a further bull market.

The functionality of Binance coin would therefore be essential to increase prices and add volumes, where trading process on the total market has reduced down to $10 billion in 24 hours.

The price of Binance Coin (BNB) has frozen at $14.17. Over the period of the bear market, an assigned price coin has appeared to be the best store of value as most funds never stop crawling. Binance also possesses one of the biggest USDT wallets, stimulating Bitcoin prices, and perhaps several other altcoins.

Binance as well had a last fiasco with SkyCoin (SKY), after mistakenly enabling hundreds of thousands of SKY to be discarded on the exchange, crashing the price. Nevertheless, the SkyCoin program goes on, and designs to add BNB as one of the assets on its network.



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