Binance CEO Predicts DeFi to Overtake CeFi in the Upcoming Bull Run

As the crypto sector continues to evolve, speculations have mounted concerning the future of decentralized finance (DeFi). Speaking exclusively in X Space, the chief executive of Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, portrayed his bullish stance on the future of DeFi.

The CEO envisioned the upcoming bull run would give the DeFi platform a competitive advantage over conventional finance (CeFi). In his address, the Binance boss shared a comprehensive report outlining the success roadmap for DeFi.

DeFi to Overtake CeFi

The executive mentioned the benefits of decentralization in the financial sector. He admitted that the transaction activities in the DeFi will soon surpass those in CeFi.

As of press time, the trading volume of CeFi ranges between 5% to 10%. The executive was pleased to announce that the upcoming bulls run the trading volume on the DeFi will outpace CeFi.

He believes that the DeFi holds the future of the financial sector. Referring to the dismissal of a Uniswap lawsuit the CEO supported the court decision.

He described the court judgment as reasonable, clear, and logical. Reportedly, the lawsuit was filed by six individuals who claimed to have purchased measurable amounts of Uniswap tokens, which was a scam.

In their submission, the investors blamed the Uniswaps for controlling the liquidity pools, even those owned by scammers. The plaintiffs demanded to be compensated by the Uniswap team according to the Securities Act of 1933-1934.

Factors Contributing to Transition to DeFi from CeFi

According to Judge Katherine Polk Failla, neither Uniswap nor the affected investor could identify the scammers. Judge Failla noted that the lack of regulatory clarity on digital assets has limited investors’ protection.

While making the court ruling, Judge Failla demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the operation of the DeFis. She stated that the developers cannot be involved in any activity that might lead to the misuse of DeFi.

Commenting on Judge Failla’s ruling, the Binance CEO acknowledged the efforts made by the developers to support the growth of the DeFi sectors. He attributed the coding to creative communication style commonly used by the developers to share their free speech.

The executive explained that the current development of DeFi produced positive outcomes. However, Zhao urged the developers to explore ways to safeguard the DeFi ecosystem.

A recent study revealed that venture capitalists are rerouting funds to DeFi projects to promote growth of the industry. Based on CoinGecko, over $2.7 million have been invested in DeFi projects.

The report illustrated that the 2022 investment in DeFi increased by 190% from the previous year. On the contrary, the CeFi sector experienced a 73% decrease in investment, reaching $4.3 billion in total value in 2022.

The report stated that the exciting increase in activities in DeFi portrayed a high growth in the crypto sector. While the decrease in CeFi investment reveals the market is dropping to reach the saturation point.

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