Binance: 92% of Institutional Investors Prefer Crypto Exchanges

Binance: 92% of Institutional Investors Prefer to Keep Crypto on Exchanges.


Crypto exchange Binance reports that crypto institutional investors prefer crypto exchanges and keep their cryptocurrencies on exchanges in spite of the inherent security risks, new data claims.

The survey, which was part of Binance’s Institutional Market Insights research, asked 76 most significant VIP & institutional investors who had been using the cryptocurrency exchange services about their trading habits.

As stated in the survey, 92% of the survey respondents preferred to keep their crypto coins and tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s said: “Exchanges remain as the most popular choice for cryptoasset storage among our institutional & VIP clients at 92.1%.”

The 2nd most preferable storage is cold wallet, & third-party custody services were chosen by 2.6% of participants.

The survey also discloses that most frequently used investment strategies were high-frequency prop trading, technical analysis & market-making. Moreover, 54% of survey participants said that they kept their crypto portfolio between 1 to 10 crypto coins.

The survey also revealed that USD Tether kept being the most broadly used stablecoin (40%), and as the crypto users noted for the reasons of greater liquidity as well as higher market cap.


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