Billionaire George Soros Invests In Crypto

There is a tempting wind that is blowing; it blows from all corners of the crypto market and is affecting not only institutional investors and traders but billionaires as well. There is a new report according to which the famous billionaire George Soros might become an active investor within the decentralized finance industry. The CEO of the Soros fund Mr. Dawn Fitzpatrick who personally manages the very capital of George Soros, has come forward in a recent interview with Bloomberg to share his insight on this whole thing. 

Dawn says that George has some change in his pockets, and he wants to try out the crypto market. George is previously known for his generous donations not only to the Democratic Party but also for promoting liberal ideas. The fund manager for George Soros said that the initial investment which George made within the crypto market started to bring some profit home in March 2020; this was the time when a market-wide crash was in session because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Crypto Market Attracts Investors Across The World

Moving on in light of this return which crypto market has provided, George would very much like to explore the crypto market to its full entirety, but he will be investing in the stock market too, as there are still some recovery stocks that are too cheap and might interest George to invest. There happens to be an abundance of cash within the U.S. economic system, and all that money needs to go somewhere, and it is possible that all of it might wash up either in the stock market or in the crypto space.  Being an investor of high caliber, George used to invest in almost anything that held any value in the past; he has also invested in the Chinese economy as well. But given the hard stance that the Chinese government is taking against cryptocurrencies and all those irrational policies and regulations that are being drummed up there, George would be taking a break from investing in the Chinese economy and will solely direct his focus towards the crypto market. It is possible that in the future, more and more investors might try to explore the crypto space, which only supports more bullish theories regarding the concept of decentralization out there.

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