Trend Micro And Mining Attacks During The First Half Of 2018 

Trend Micro, a security software company, conducted a security review in mid-2018 to analyze the various types of existing and emerging threats to cybersecurity.

The report touched on the issue of the lack of security found in microprocessors used in most computers around the world.

According to Trend Micro, a number of cyber security threats has seriously stretched the already limited security resources and  posed a serious problem for IT professionals.

In the consolidated report for the first half of 2018 it was found that the number of cases of secret cryptocurrency production increased more than twice as compared to the figures registered in the second half of 2017 – by 141%.

The number of different types of malicious programs used to infect computers of unsuspecting users is also growing: in total, 47 new families of malicious programs for the extraction of crypto-currency were recognized.

It is also worrying for Internet users around the world.This phenomenon poses a serious threat to business due to increased power consumption and slower performance of infected devices.

According to the report, in the first half of 2018 there was a slight increase (3%) in the prevalence of extortion programs. The report also showed that there was a 26% drop in the number of extortion families.

Reducing the prevalence of extortion programs was due to the fact that organizations are now mostly aware of this, and pay more attention and take all measures to reduce the likelihood of an attack.


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