Beatles Antique Exclusive Talks Will Be Auctioned As NFTs

Record label VOCR plans to auction part of its antique collection of old classics, the Beatles interview as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in 2022.   

The launch of the media NFT series will feature special talks with The Beatles band artists, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. 

This development has a significant impact on how legacy artists might profit from their historical Internet presence in the future.

Antique Collection Of Interviews As Latest NFTs

NFTs being a digital representation of arts is arguably the best method to preserve the musical legacies of the greats. The scheduled launch in 2022 will be the first initiation of classic series in the NFT media industry. It features an antique collection by the Voices of Classic Rock Archive (VOCR). The label is in charge of all the nuances related to the proposed auction and its subsequent execution.

According to a statement released in its correspondence, \VOCR will be responsible for developing and luncheon sales of the new era NFTs. It will also serve as a host for the event. 

Bidding parties will bid for these collectibles that have been in isolation since the 19th century. Four of these interviews will be auctioned. There has been no indication of more interviews added to the auction catalog.

The VOCR is home to an antique Collection of interviews from popular classic bands in vogue throughout the 19th century. The forthcoming auction will enable NFT enthusiasts to appreciate these traditional works and invest in their creators. Depending on the auction’s success, a new trend is set to start, one that will see the creation of traditional media NFTs all over the Crypto community. 

Why NFTs?

As can be deduced from the released Managing Director Jonathan Firstenberg, he revealed why the record label is undertaking this task. The brand wishes to initiate a non-traditional solution to the long-lasting problem of the limited life span of original records. 

He stated that they, at VOCR, wanted to start with the Beatles due to their expansive collection of old and limited copies of Beatles one on one talk sessions which can be considered their most valuable and complete assets.

“We chose to launch NFTs because the existing market demand for special NFT properties that comprise originality is now developing at a quickly accelerating pace,” Firstenberg also stated.

He continued, “We are quite excited to watch how this innovation will evolve, and we are certain that NFTs as new media is a sustainable innovation.” We’ll be looking into how the industry evaluates the NFTs and determine the amount of originality to be contained within an NFT so that it has actual independent value.”

As indicated by a series of auctions scheduled by various corporations for next year, NFT auctions are quickly becoming a popular method of selling NFTs.

How It Will Be Auctioned

Each NFT will showcase original artwork and a WAV file format of the collectible. As in other auctions, cryptocurrency is the bidding currency. 

The starting bid for each NFT is 1.25 ETH. In light of the token’s $4000 trade price, the collectibles can be said to be an expensive buy for the lucky bidders in the auction that is to come. 

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