Banco Sella to Launch Bitcoin Trading Service

Banco Sella to Launch Bitcoin Trading Service


Italian bank Banco Sella launches a Bitcoin trading service. The trading is carried out via Hype platform of the bank, where the bank acts as an intermediary reducing potential security risks with crypto exchanges.

The official website announced that currently the service is in beta test on a small group of HYPE Plus customers and within a several days it will be available to all customers.

Around 1.2 million people in Italy already use Hype platform to conduct operations. This platform enables clients to purchase, sell and transfer Bitcoin, as well as, it allows to make payments for goods and services with the crypto asset. It’s reported that the Bitcoin request function will also be available soon.

General Manager at Hype, Antonio Valitutti mentioned that cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular among their clients, who “expect to be able to access this world through the tool that they use to manage money on a daily basis.”

It’s worth noting that in previous months, the interest in crypto and blockchain has increased among Italian institutions. Blockchain technology was applied to electronic voting in Naples and 2 Italian high schools are planning to record diplomas on blockchain.


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