Banco De España Shows Positive Attitude Towards The Cryptocurrency


The Central Bank of Spain, Banco de España (BDE), has published a new document that discusses the advantages of using crypto currency in the financial sector. This brings Spain to the forefront of adopting the crypto currency, joining the UK, Malta and Switzerland.

In the report of Galo Nuño, General Manager for Economics of Banco de España, the full concept of Crypto currency is discussed in a positive light due to its ability to promote new creative mechanisms in the Spanish economy.

Galo Nuño studied in detail how a blockchain can affect the management of bank reserves, monetary policy, and overall financial stability. The representative of Banco de España stressed the importance of introducing digital technology for innovative money management mechanisms.

The positive assessment of the Central Bank suggests that Spain will pay more attention to cryptocurrencies and explore the potential of blockchain echnologies. Perhaps in the near future we will hear more information from Banco de España. And nobody excludes the possibility that in a few years in Spain bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be just as familiar as the euro.


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