Bakkt Releases Bitcoin App And Also Reveals Alliance With Starbucks

Popular Bitcoin-based platform Bakkt has finally revealed its own Bitcoin App while also announcing the partnership with the world’s most famous café, Starbucks.

Bakkt is a Bitcoin-futures platform that is run by the ICE. It was released back in 2018 and provided a way for traders to deal in Bitcoin using the platform without any long process. The transaction speed was really fast, which attracted many Bitcoin users around the world who were looking for a fast and trustworthy space to do perform secure transactions.

With the introduction of the Bakkt App, users will now be able to trade and manage Bitcoin using the app, which will be connected to the Bakkt web platform. If we look at it in a simple way, it is basically a type of wallet app which is connected to the Bakkt systems, helping users to easily perform all sorts of tasks and become satisfied. The app has been in development for years, and now, the user base has finally been given the sweet fruit they were anticipating for their patience.

The app currently runs on an invite system, as the developers are still testing it in the hands of the public, seeking to find out any bugs, unofficial backdoors, and security flaws. The app supports up to 500,000 users at the moment but will surely have enough space for many more users after they officially launch the app to everyone through the official Android Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.

CEO of Bakkt, Mr. Gavin Michael, expressed his concern for the user base who were looking for an easier way to manage their assets. Gavin stated that the users did have the platform to trade but did not have the necessary tools and utilities to properly track down and utilize both assets and all of the transactions they perform. Gavin also said that the Bakkt app would provide all of those tools and keep on expanding its reach to all areas around the world.

Bakkt and Starbucks

Alongside the app Launch, Bakkt also announced a new alliance with the extremely popular Starbucks franchise. Users will be able to connect their Starbucks membership to the Bakkt network, and the app will provide users and consumers with the ability to top up their Starbucks membership cards directly using the Bakkt app, which might be a huge plus point, as users will not have to roam around to find recharge spots and can easily pay securely using the Bakkt App.

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