Bakkt has Partnered with Google to Offer their Clients Many New Features

The users of Bakkt custodial services are in for a happy surprise. The intercontinental crypto trading and exchange platform have recently announced a partnership with Google Inc. According to the media news, the executive brass of Bukkt has made it official that the digital custodial service provider is going to rely on Google cloud for their data storage needs.

With this news, the users are sure that it will be possible for them to access many new features that are attached to the use of Google services. The Bakkt spokesperson also told the media that the users of the application would be able to pay for their bills with the help of Google Pay. With this new partnership, it has been made possible for the users to connect their VISA Debit cards with the Google Pay application to settle their bills and convert their digital assets into fiat currency.

Access to Huge Network of Vendors

The management of Bakkt told the media a partnership with a huge organization like Google is going to come with a lot of perks and a huge network of vendors. The president of Bukkt, Gavin Michael, told the media that that with this new business venture, Bakkt would be connected with millions of new users around the globe. He further added that since Google already has many major vendors in the United States, the users will also gain great ease of access in terms of making their payments online.

However, the extent of the services and features is not limited to the vendors only. The developers of Bakkt are collaborating with the users of Google Inc. to come up with new OS engines. Among these projects, there are talks about the addition and development of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and geo-location programs. As per Michael, these new programs are going to add to the value of services and allow the business to collect useful data from the global market.

The users who are going to have an account with the Bakkt application may have the chance to access a lot of vendors. With this new possibility, the users will be saved from the hassle of having to use third-party applications for converting their digital assets into the fiat currencies of their choice. They would be able to settle their bills directly in the matter of one click with the help of the one-stop payment platform. The Bakkt management partnered with Choice Hotels International to increase the list of use cases for their application. This new venture was added to the list of vendors at Bakkt in September. In the same vein, Bakkt also formed a partnership with fast-food franchise Quiznos to ensure that its users can order a variety of services anywhere and anyplace in the United States. The users only need to connect their respective digital wallet address to the Bakkt app to avail their services.

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