Axie Infinity Removes Token Rewards From Its Game Mode

Axie Infinity (AXS), a blockchain game based on a play-to-earn mechanism, has eliminated the token rewards that it provided in classic mode to push the consumers toward an exclusive game mode named Axie Infinity Origin. The team of Axie Infinity declared that after 12th August, no Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) will be available to be minted on the classic mode. As per the team, they will shift the SLP rewards to the unique game mode.

Axie Infinity Eradicates Rewards Connected to Classic Mode

Nonetheless, they will be unable to carry out minting for 30 days because the team is organizing a monitoring phase to find out bugs, exploits, and abuses. In addition to this, the team pointed out that the shift between the classic as well as the new mode will assist in balancing the SLP economy. Apart from classic rewards’ elimination, the team is operating on enabling the utilization of SLPs to structure diverse in-game boosts like charms and runes.

Previously in February, the team of Axie Infinity in advance disconnected the SLP rewards related to the adventure mini-game as well as the regular quests reward available in the classic mode while attempting to have a balanced economy in the case of the SLP token. Notwithstanding the efforts of the team to carry out economic adjustments, the present position of the token is even now 98.7% lower than $0.39 (the all-time high in July previous year).

P2E Model Gets Substantial Reputation

In the last year, the non-fungible token-based game has gained a lot of fame for the P2E model as well as comprised nearly two-thirds of the entirety of the NFT transfers associated with the blockchain game. During the recent year, the NFT exchanges of up to $3.5B worth were displayed by the project, as mentioned by NonFungible (the information website regarding the token).

Although the crypto tokens dealing with the project of Axie Infinity have not shown a good performance amid the crypto winter, the transaction volume of the non-fungible tokens for the respective project witnessed an upsurge of almost 205% this July. Jeff Zirlin, the co-founder of Sky Mavis (a tech company at the back of Axie Infinity), noted that a healing procedure is being witnessed by the project, as he referred to the positive feedback obtained by the NFT-based land staking element of the game.

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