Australian Research Agency Is Testing The Blockchain Red Belly On Amazon Web Services

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Australian Research Agency Is Testing The Blockchain Red Belly On Amazon Web Services

CSIRO Data61 and the University of Sydney declared that the first international test of the Red Belly Blockchain has registered a growth in performance and energy productivity on a global scale.

CSIRO’s Data61 was formed at a critical time as both Australia and the world are currently experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including structural changes to the economy and its industries through the convergence of IT, biology and materials science.

It was posted that the blockchain achieved the level of 30 000 transactions per second after it was tested on 1000 nodes in 14 countries.

The red Belly blockchain was developed by the technology division of the national science Agency of Australia, CSIRO Data61, and the Concurrent Systems research group at the University of Sydney. The first large-scale experiment was conducted on the global cloud infrastructure Amazon Web Services.

For the experiment, the Red Belly blockchain was deployed on 1,000 virtual machines in 14 of Amazon Web Services’s 18 geographic regions, including North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

The benchmark was set by sending 30,000 transactions per second from different geographical regions, demonstrating an average transaction delay of three seconds from 1,000 replicas.

According to Data61, Red Belly Blockchain solves problems that plagued previous generations of blockchain systems, including the environmental impact of significant energy use, double spending when a person spends their money twice, initiating more than one transaction, and bandwidth, which refers to how many pieces of information can be processed in a short period of time.


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