AscendEX Amends Cryptocurrency Pairs To Include PYR Tokens

An announcement has been made public by a crypto platform known as “AscendEX”. It has been told by AscendEX that the firm has amended its trading pairs of cryptocurrencies to include PYR.

PYR is a tokenized form of crypto which is called “Vulcan Forged” and in short it is commonly known by its name “PYR”. The announcement came in at 1 O clock on 5th October 2021 UTC time. The firm told that now PYR will be available for trading with the trading pair of USDT/PYR.

This is a historical achievement for AscendEX as well as for the Vulcan Forged. Both entities became partners very recently and we’re working together for providing the USDT/PYR pair. Now that the desired pair has been made available, the partners wish to celebrate the occasion with the customers/investors. Both have said that they will very soon be initiating promotional events with limited-time opportunities. In these events, the traders will earn a chance of sharing amongst them pooled rewards. It was told that the prize up for stake will be 60 K USDT.

Vulcan Forged is basically a company from the gaming industry and has recently shifted to the blockchain network. It has at least 12 games that are running on the blockchain network currently and are played by thousands of worldwide gamers. It provides for a metaverse for online players who also enjoy high-standard graphics while playing VulcanVerse. It is most like a Warcraft-type game where global player’s team up with each other and complete missions. The gameplay can role-play as well as multiplayer and is a strategy-based game.

Usually, Vulcan Forged design and develop games from outside the network and then integrate them with blockchain technologies. All of the games developed and launched by Vulcan Forged have been successful in the global gaming market. They also offer real prize money during contests and competitions. In addition, time and again in-game reward packages too are offered to players of Vulcan Forged produced games.

Recently, the gaming company also launched an NFT art collection based on the games it has developed so far. Approximately US$ 3 Million was collected from the sale of NFTs. To grasp more gamers’ interest, the company then developed tokenized form of crypto i.e. PYR. The purpose of developing the token was to reward players of Vulcan Forged games.

However, initially, the PYR tokens were used for in-game purchases and rewards only. But in the past times, the popularity of PYR has grown significantly. Therefore, Vulcan Forged wanted to move PYR into the mainstream. It was looking at the partner which can integrate PYR with any cryptocurrency pair. The partner was found in the form of AscendEX which helped Vulcan Forged to achieve its desired objective.

Now that the promotional package are about to come, it would be interesting to see how the newly created USDT/PYR pair progresses.

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