Armenia Is Slowly Entering Into Blockchain & Crypto World 

Blockchain technology has recently gained more and more popularity. Many believe that it is Blockchain  which will in the near future defeat corruption, bureaucracy, rigged elections, Internet fraud and other vices of modern society. In any case, the blockchain is a fundamentally new way of storing and transmitting information over the network, having a lot of options for practical use.

On April 22nd , Yerevan hosted the first international forum “Armenian Blockchain Forum”, which was attended by experts from 20 countries in the field of blockchain technologies. In the framework of the forum for the first time in Armenia was put the beginning of the blockchain technology.

Recently, on July 23rd , the  founder of “Multi Group” Concern Gagik Tsarukyan  has met in Armenia a delegation consisting of representatives of different countries, such as Israel, Austria, South Korea, Egypt, etc. At the meeting the delegation headed by Omni Tech Corporation’s  Executive Director Milan Sormas and his co-founder Robert Velghe discussed with Mr. Tsarukyan  the issue of development and distribution of Blockchain Technology in Armenia.

Omni Tech Corporation  has been successfully working on the IT market for many years and is actively engaged in the production of cryptocurrencies. At the meeting, G. Tsarukyan and M. Sormas discussed Omni Tech ‘s cooperation with the “Multi Group” Concern . Omni Tech Corporation intends to sell its farms which are currently located in Austria and Sweden and to transfer their mining farms to Armenia.

The company intends, with the help of G. Tsarukyan and his specialists, to build the largest mining farm in the world in Armenia. Executive Director of the Company, has asked G. Tsarukyan to give his consent to hold the largest meeting in which 7000 people from all over the world, such as the USA, Latin America, Japan, China, etc., should take part. Armenia makes sure steps to develop crypto mining in the country and may become a cross-border country for transactions in the field of cryptocurrency in the future.







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