ArgusCapital Review – Is Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?
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ArgusCapital is a broker for trading online through a quality and user friend online trading platform. You can read our Argus Capital review today to learn all about them. We have given them a score of 4.4/5. You can visit their website and sign up through the link below to start trading.

ArgusCapital Review

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Nowadays, the online trading experience is defined by the tools that one uses. When online trading emerged as a suitable way for people to enter various markets, users realized that they needed modern features. It’s why so many traders are looking for platforms that offer the right combination of perks, assets, and tools. So, in this ArgusCapital review, I’ll discuss how the platform equips users with the latest trading tools. 

In trading, markets are always shifting when it comes to prices and other fundamental conditions, like sentiment. As a result, traders need advanced tools that help them keep up with these constant changes. It’s why membership rates for platforms like broker are on the rise. To see if the platform provides reliable tools, I decided to sign up for the service. 

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Access Various Trading Pairs and Assets

One of the first things I spotted as soon as I joined the trading platform was the availability of different assets. Users could choose from a number of trading pairs to diversify their portfolios. This will protect their investments from the effects of market changes and minor price fluctuations. Some of the most common options include stocks, commodities, crypto trading, and even forex. 

A wide variety of options allows traders to choose trading pairs they’re most comfortable with. It also means that experienced users can add more assets to their portfolios without having to join another platform. Additionally, a diverse portfolio means that users can generate consistent returns on their investments. 

Set Trading Signals and Indicators 

A major perk of signing up with Argus Capital broker is the availability of trading signals and indicators. These are excellent tools for traders who are always on the go, have busy schedules, or are worried about missing out on lucrative market conditions.

Users can activate trading signals on their accounts based on pre-set requirements. So, whenever the market reaches certain conditions, users receive a notification from the platform. Of course, keep in mind that you’ll need to check your account quickly to take advantage of a specific entry point – the market can change within minutes. 

Similarly, users can apply indicators on their charting tools as a way to know when a good time would be to enter or exit a position. These are based on certain price levels that traders set. Let’s say you set an indicator on a certain price level for a stop-loss order. So, when the price drops below that level, it triggers your broker to close the position and incur additional losses. 

View Pricing History of Different Assets 

Pricing charts are a useful source of information for any trader, whether you’re interested in stock or crypto trading. With the Argus Capital trading platform, users can look up the price action history of any asset. This helps users conduct technical analysis for their strategy. 

By looking at the historical pricing data, traders can make predictions about future price movements. This is based on the assumption that market trends repeat themselves, and traders can take advantage of these opportunities when they occur. 

ArgusCapital pricing charts

Use a Realistic Demo Mode 

Finally, there’s a realistic demo mode that you can access with ArgusCapital broker. It’s a simulation of the charting tool used to enter orders, but the only difference is that you’re not using up your deposit. With the demo account, new traders can easily learn to navigate through the platform by getting an immersive experience. 

Moreover, traders who are still working on strategy-building can use it as a tool to see what works. After all, it’s possible that your strategy is based on theory but doesn’t deliver results in the real market. The demo account is an effective way to test the productivity of your plan. 

Is ArgusCapital Scam or Legit?

There were various security measures I noted while testing the platform’s functionalities for the ArgusCapital review. It verifies each new user as per Know Your Customer policies and has applied SSL encryption to keep user data protected.

The broker keeps user funds in a segregated account and maintains full transparency as to how spreads are calculated on each trade. Not to mention, it provides a number of safe payment methods, which prove that it’s a legit platform. 

Bottom Line 

To conclude the ArgusCapital review, here’s a short recap of the different features I’ve mentioned. Users can choose from a number of trading pairs and assets to diversify their portfolios. To make sure you never miss out on favorable market conditions, you can set trading signals and indicators on your account.

The different pricing charts allow you to view the price action history of assets for an accurate technical analysis. Meanwhile, the demo mode is an effective way to test out different strategies. Considering these benefits, I’d recommend the ArgusCapital trading platform to traders who need advanced features. 

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